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The wanted-Widget
The new wanted-Widget brings new features like login, news feed and some nice functions for staff members!

With the new wanted-Widget all our Apple-Users now have direct access to their online-card through the Dashboard in Mac OSX.

After entering your wanted-ID on the flip-side of the widget, it displays your preview-image found in the wanted online-catalog.

A single click on the ID-button below the image takes you directly to your wanted online-card.

New features: On the flip-side of the widget you are now able to enter your password. If it is the right one, the ID-button will turn green and a single click takes you directly to your personal area on our website.

This is handy:

  • The widget's flip-side serves as a cheat slip for your password.
  • As a registered extra you have immediate access to your job-list, your setcard, your SMS-account etc.
  • As a staff member in a production team you can now access your lists and filters with a single click.

We are planning to implement further functions and would be very happy about any feedback.


Download wanted-Widget (Version 0.4)
(System requirements: Mac OS X 10.4. or higher)

The wanted-Widget
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